Recycling, minding power and water use, and finding new environmentally responsible products can be exhausting at times-- you may be wondering, “Where can I start?” We understand that the modern homeowner wants eco-friendliness and modern style in one easy, affordable package-- that's why Hardwood Direct is so proud to offer green bamboo flooring products and services at fair rates for the residents in Middletown. Our amazing customer service, high quality merchandise and fast, professional installation work has helped us become the number one bamboo flooring provider in your area. Taking the first step towards reducing your carbon footprint has never been simpler.

One of the things that makes bamboo a wonderful alternative to traditional hardwood flooring is the fact that it is a sustainable resource. When the shoots of this plant are harvested, the roots are left intact, ensuring crops that will recover in three to seven years. That is a dramatic decrease from the hundreds of years that a single oak tree takes to grow back! Once it has been collected, the materials are pressed into familiar plank shapes; whether you opt to have them stained to look more like hardwood or left natural, their beauty will catch the eyes of your friends and family every time. Bamboo is durable enough to withstand moderate foot traffic and stress from heavy furnishings, making it a great choice for bedrooms, dens and foyers in the home. Best of all, it requires only basic maintenance, including sweeping up abrasive debris like dirt and dust and using a dry cloth or slightly damp mop for sticky messes.

Being environmentally conscious with chic green products has never been easier to find or afford. Be the first to start the green revolution in your neighborhood! For the most beautiful bamboo flooring and other sustainable options for your home renovation project in Middletown, there is no better local retailer than Hardwood Direct! Call now for a free quote and more today.